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Childhood is a third-person narrative adventure that uses survival, resource management and stealth as main mechanics to tell Kayra's story, a 13-year-old orphan who needs to take care of her two siblings, Nia and Yeru, and carry on in a hostile setting inspired by the large cities around Southeast Asia.


- Gather enough resources and money to survive 

- Look for food, water and meds on the streets

- Beg for money to buy anything you need

- Steal stores without being noticed

- Get back home and share everything

- Tell fairytales to your little sister


*Childhood is still in development. This demo shows the first half an hour of our game.




Hernán M. González - Game Designer

Jan Sau - Game Designer

Víctor Montero - Game Designer

Alberto Sánchez - Game Designer and Narrative Designer

Julia Carrillo - 3D Artist and Animator

Rodrigo de la Rosa - 3D Artist

José Miguel Tajuelo - Programmer

Patricia Lázaro - Programmer

Alejandro Royo - Programmer

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